2018 Liupanshui Belt and Road & ASEAN Media Tour closes at Zhongshan Economic Development Zone


By Morag Hobbs (People’s Daily Online)

The 2018 Liupanshui Belt and Road & ASEAN Media Tour closed yesterday, July 29, after a conference at the Zhongshan Economic Development Zone.

The tour has seen a group of over 100 ASEAN and international journalists, students and experts travel Guizhou over the course of a week, to see how the local government is implementing poverty alleviation methods and learn about the businesses thriving in the province.

The tour closed at the new Zhongshan Economic Development Zone, which opened in 1992. The zone holds an important position in the integration of Guizhou province into the Belt and Road. Two years ago, the zone received 12 million yuan in investment. In 2018, the investment stands at 14.2 billion.

Through investment, the zone in the city of Liupanshui hopes to build further connections with Belt and Road and ASEAN countries in five areas: biopharmaceutical, agricultural processing, new energy, education and medical support as well as tourism.

By 2019, the total industrial output value of the Zhongshan Economic Development Zone is expected to reach 17 billion yuan, and by 2021, the total will reach more than 20 billion yuan.

It’s hoped that through this media tour, more people will become aware of the great leaps made in Guizhou province in terms of both industry and tourism.

The 2018 Liupanshui Belt and Road & ASEAN Media Tour kicked off on July 25, with an opening ceremony in Liupanshui city, Guizhou province.