Shanxi shoulders responsibility and leads energy reform


Low-carbon energy development concerns the future of humanity, Chinese President Xi Jinping said in a congratulatory letter to the Taiyuan Energy Low Carbon Development Forum, which opened on Tuesday in Taiyuan of north China’s Shanxi province, a traditional energy production center in China.


The country attaches great importance to low-carbon energy development and actively promotes energy consumption, supply, technology and institutional transformation, Xi said.


The country is ready to work with the international community to strengthen energy cooperation in all aspects, safeguard energy security, address climate change, protect the ecology and environment, promote sustainable development and bring more benefits to people around the world, he added.


As a national forum approved by the State Council of China, the Taiyuan forum attracts expertise from around the world. It has already been successfully held for three times, exerting significant impact in the global energy field.


It is developing into an influential energy platform for conducting high-level dialogues, launching scientific and technological achievements and promoting international cooperation in the global energy sector.


Co-hosted by the People’s Government of Shanxi Province, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Commerce and National Energy Administration, the event this year features an opening ceremony and summit forum, an exhibition on energy revolution and six sub-forums.


While highlighting the national theme of energy revolution, the forum aims to show the world China’s achievements and determination in advancing energy revolution as well as its call for further international cooperation.


The event also serves as a great opportunity for Shanxi to enhance its influence at home and abroad, lead energy revolution and promote energy transformation and development. It is of great significance for Shanxi to transform from a major coal consumer to a pioneer in energy revolution and embrace high-quality development.


Shanxi places more emphasis on attracting expertise from around the world for this year’s forum. It has strengthened the exchanges with the International Energy Agency, foreign provinces or states with friendship relationship, elite universities as well as research institutions. Meanwhile, it has deepened cooperation with leading energy companies in the world to build demonstration projects on international cooperation.


Shanxi province opens up to welcome all friends at home and abroad and intends to cooperate with international partners in energy transformation and reform.


It hopes the forum will provide a platform of consultation, contribution, and shared benefits for various parties to promote global energy transformation, jointly address the challenge of climate change, reach a consensus on fully implementing the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, and deepen pragmatic cooperation.


To thoroughly implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the important arguments of Xi on energy reform, the forum will help to practice the country’s goals, policies, requirements and strategies on energy, promote energy consumption, supply, technology, institutional revolution and all-round international cooperation. It will also push forward the Shanxi energy revolution comprehensive reform pilot program.


Through the forum, Shanxi will gather global wisdom, bring about new ideas for economic development and fulfill its mission given by the central government to provide valuable experience in energy revolution for the rest of the country.


The reform program in Shanxi is expected to be a pioneering one in exploring ways to carry out such programs nationwide. It is a comprehensive one that involves various fields and tackles deep-rooted problems in China’s economic development.


Taking this forum as an opportunity, Shanxi determines to shoulder its responsibility and resolutely achieve the strategic goals of energy transformation and reform as a good example for the rest of the country or even the world.



Source: People’s Daily & Shanxi Daily