Losing no time in progressing—grasping the historic opportunity for common development

(191219) -- BEIJING, Dec. 19, 2019 (Xinhua) -- Aerial photo taken on Feb. 14, 2017 shows a night view in central Shenzhen, south China's Guangdong Province. (Xinhua/Mao Siqian)

Peoples Daily

On the last day of 2019, Peoples Daily published an article titled “Losing no time in progressinggrasping the historic opportunity for common development of China and the world under the byline of Guo Jiping.

Looking back at the China-U.S. trade frictions over the past more than one year, the article pointed out that the confidence, calmness and composure of the Chinese people to pursue their beautiful dreams remains unshakeable however severe the external challenges and risks may become.

As the article pointed out, the world is confident about the Chinese economy, andexpects to join hands with China to grasp the historic opportunity for common development as the country is promoting economic transformation and upgrading and expanding opening-up.

China is a 5000-year-old oriental civilization, as well as a socialist country that has achieved glorious achievements through the past 70 years of hard work. Is it a partner or an opponent, an opportunity or a threat of the world? That is a question that has been frequently contemplated on by the world.

In answering this question, facts have proved that Chinas development is beneficial to the world and its increasingly closer cooperation with global countries will make the world better.

At present, the world is undergoing profound changes unseen in a century, as economic globalization becomes an unstoppable trend while unilateralism and protectionism pose as the counter-currents. Against such a backdrop, only those who are firm about their development course and can grasp the opportunities are able to ride the tides of the global economy, the article stressed.

One unusual fact about economic globalization is that it is accompanied by the need for cooperation and win-win opportunity, as well as the risk of escalating frictions and confrontations.

Because of this, the world has had a deeper understanding of Chinese President Xi Jinpings keynote speech delivered at the opening plenary of the 2017 annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Economic globalization resulted from growing social productivity, and is a natural outcome of scientific and technological progress. No one will emerge as a winner in a trade war. No difficulty, however daunting, will stop mankind from advancing.When encountering difficulties, we should not complain about ourselves, blame others, lose confidence or run away from responsibilities. We should join hands and rise to the challenge.

These words of Xi about Chinas pledge to adapt to and push for economic globalization are of significant realistic meaning.

Rising to challenges and becoming braver in front of frustrations, the Chinese people are turning external pressure into the power to deepen reform and expand opening-up, said the article.

At present, the Chinese economy is constantly creating opportunities for development, constantly expanding the space for development, and maintaining the basic trend of stability and long-term improvement.

The Chinese dream is closely connected with the world dream, and the period of strategic opportunities for China’s development is also a period of strategic opportunities for China and global partners to develop together.

As international observers put it, a stable China is the biggest source of stability in this world full of uncertainty. This is true today, and it will remain so for a long time in the future.

For years, China has ranked first in the world in terms of the economic contribution to global growth, the article pointed out.

The World Investment Report 2019 by the UN indicated that in the first half of 2019, China attracted $73 billion in foreign investment, maintaining its position as the second largest destination of foreign investment and the largest developing-economy recipient of foreign investment.

During the second China International Import Expo, deals worth $71.13 billion were agreed. The two $70 billion represented the global recognition of the amount of dividends delivered by the Chinese market and level of opening-up of China, as well as the worlds confidence in Chinas economy.

Opening its arms, China is providing more opportunities of market, investment and growth for all countries in the world for common development, the article stressed.

The Chinese people aspire for a better life for their own, as well as one for people in other countries. Promoting a higher level of opening-up, China has delivered tangiblemutual beneficial and win-win results to the world. This has reflected the grand vision of China to live in harmony with all countries and manifested its confidence and sense of responsibility, the article concluded.

(Guo Jiping is a well-known pen name used for People’s Daily editorials meant to outline China’s stance and viewpoints on major international issues.)



2019年最后一天,人民日报刊发署名为“国纪平”的文章,标题为《时不我待 只争朝夕——把握中国与世界共同发展的历史机遇》。文章回顾持续一年多的中美经贸摩擦,并表示无论国内外风险挑战何等复杂严峻,都无法改变中国人民追求美好梦想的坚定自信、稳健从容。世界给中国经济投下“信任票”,期待同转型升级、扩大开放的中国一起,把握共同发展的历史机遇。